SuperSeed Investments

Dopay transforms finance in emerging markets by providing sophisticated banking to the unbanked.

Grakn is the ultimate graph database and query language, designed to handle the massive and complex relationships of the AI age.

Scribeless has developed the ultimate handwriting AI that can turn any Word document into a beautiful, hand-written letter.

SuccessData offers corporates a powerful way to identify and activate their dark data, turning unstructured documents into structured data.

MetadataWorks helps medical researchers reduce the time spent searching for and cleaning data, so they can increase the time spent on value-add research.

SeeQuestor is a global leader in computer vision for anti-terror and general law enforcement activity.

ThingTrax is the chromecast for manufacturing, turning any legacy manufacturing plant into a modern plant with AI for increasing production efficiency.

Kluster provides an AI driven SaaS platform that helps sales managers optimise their sales forecasts and maximise their sales results for the upcoming quarter.