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Brian Nolan

Zbi Czapran

Enabling global tier1 banks to optimise their intraday liquidity

Global banks move trillions around the world every day. The financial system is essential for the global economy function.

Following the Great Financial Crisis, global regulators put stringent liquidity requirements in place, to make sure banks always have sufficient funds to keep global transactions flowing. While this is good for stability, it is expensive for banks. Especially as interest rates have started to increase. Banks routinely hold billions of dollars in excess liquidity, just in case they are needed at some point during the day.

Banks often know that these funds are not required – at least for a big part of the day. But current financial systems do not enable banks to lend the funds to other banks who might benefit from them – even if just for a few hours, because those systems are designed to settle transfers in days rather than on an intra-day basis.

Enter Finteum, which has developed the world’s leading intraday liquidity management system. Founders Brian Nolan and Zbi Czapran combine rare insights into banking liquidity management and how to build robust blockchain transactions. Already working with many of the world’s leading banks, Finteum is poised to transform how banking liquidity management is done.

Why we love it

Mads Jensen
Managin Partner

“SuperSeed supports founders who bring next-generation technology to transform how business is done. Finteum’s blockchain implementation elegantly solves a big business problem and provides exceptional ROI for banks.”
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