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Access the Innovators of the Future

An investment in SuperSeed Capital is an investment in innovation and the opportunity to change the world for the better through technology.

To invest in SuperSeed Capital, please contact your stockbroker or write to for more information.

Investing in venture capital funds

Until now, investing directly in venture capital funds has often been restricted to professional investors. Through SuperSeed Capital Limited we have opened up venture capital to the public markets to give everyone an opportunity to invest in the technology companies of the future.

Together with our investment managers, SuperSeed Capital invests in exceptional founders who build outstanding companies with global potential.


An investment in SuperSeed Capital gives you:
  • A stake in a diversified portfolio of 20-40 technology startups
  • A professionally managed portfolio hand-picked and supported by managers with successful track-record as both operators and investors
  • Access to investing in the ambitious founders building the tech of tomorrow
  • An opportunity to invest alongside the British Business Bank, providing attractive economics for investors

Investing with SuperSeed

You can learn more about Investing in SuperSeed Capital here.