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Piet Buyck

Anupam Aishwarya

AI-driven demand forecasting and supply chain management for the world’s largest organisations

We all buy things. Products need making, managing and moving, to get into the hands of those who need them at the right time – from deodorants to cars, souffle cups to aglets. It is incredibly hard to predict precisely how much to make and where to supply without wastage or leaving money on the table. Which is where Garvis comes in.

From 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Piet and the team built the world’s first and only truly bionic demand planning solution for planners to create accurate and explainable plans, instantly.

The founders self-funded for the first year, developed version one of the platform and went to market, selling to tier-one clients from day 1. It was evident that the market was tired of expensive black-box solutions with lengthy sales and time-to-value cycles. So Garvis flipped this on its head by offering instant value via explainable algorithms.

We invested in Nov 2022, and the company exited within 12 months.

SuperSeed helped us accelerate to a great outcome for us as founders. They were an essential partner throughout they journey.

“What a great ride we had together!”

Piet Buyck
CEO & Co-Founder

Why we love it

Dan Bowyer

“It’s a joy to work with such an experienced team offering such a revolutionary product. The market pull was so strong that delivering to, and supporting new clients was consistently a challenge. A lovely problem for any business to have. And couldn’t have happened to a nicer team.”
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