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Aman Gupta

Imran Shafqat

Paul Reader

Bringing legacy manufacturing into the 21st century

AI has the potential to transform how everything is made. Given the right production data, algorithms can help optimise throughput, quality, resource efficiency and energy consumption. However, 80% of the world’s manufacturing systems still don’t have an internet address, much less a setup that enables optimisation using AI.

IoT pioneers Aman Gupta and Imran Shafqat have been working to solve this problem since 2015. They successfully developed a sophisticated yet light-touch IoT/SaaS solution that makes it easy to transform legacy manufacturing operations into hyper-modern plants.

Aman and Imran partnered with SuperSeed to bring in Paul Reader as a new commercial leader for the business, allowing the founders to focus on perfecting their technical solution.

Hear from ThingTrax

“SuperSeed has been paramount in ThingTrax's success.”

Aman Gupta
Founder, ThingTrax

Why we love it

Mads Jensen
Managing Partner

“Technology has the potential to transform how everything is made. Sometimes the best and most cost-effective approach is to transform our existing production machines and upgrade them so they can take advantage of AI. ThingTrax's solution is a beautiful way to help do much more with what you have.”
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