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Paul Archer

Nail Panagiotis

Jaclyn Crocker

Social commerce that helps large enterprise turn their fans into their best sales channel

For decades, consumer brands have used advertising to drive sales. But as our attention span has become saturated, the efficiency of advertising campaigns is languishing. Moreover, large brands have taken their customers for granted, using advertising spend as an upside down way to create consumer loyalty.

Paul Archer and Naio Pagiotis saw an opportunity to use technology to turn the equation on its head. Their Duel platform enables large enterprises to recruit their best customers as brand ambassadors. So instead of wasting money on ineffective advertising, the brands can use the same money to reward their best customers to help them sell more – with much greater effect.

Having built the platform over several years, Duel partnered with SuperSeed in 2021 to create a repeatable sales engine.

Hear from Duel

“SuperSeed has helped us from zero to one the way only real founders could.”

Paul Archer

Why we love it

Dan Bowyer

“Consumer marketing is in radical need of overhaul. For years, big corporates have mindlessly been spending advertising $ to drive sales. Duel provides a way that delivers much more value to both consumer brands and their customers.”
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