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Daghan Cam

Michail Desyllas

Software to deliver the 3D Printing Revolution

In 2015, Daghan Cam and Michail Desyllas set out on a mission to make large-format 3D printing go mainstream. Prior to this, 3D printing had been used to mass-customise smaller objects like dental implants and hearing aids. However, it had been difficult/impossible to use at scale for larger objects in high-end manufacturing in the automotive and aerospace industries.

By 2020, Daghan and Michail had formed partnerships with several hardware manufacturers like Kuka and Weber, and demonstrated how their technology could do what was previously impossible – repeatable, scalable and cost-effective use of 3D printing for high-end manufacturing. Having built the technology, their next step was to commercialise. In September 2020 Ai Build partnered with SuperSeed, and together we set out to turn their technology leadership into a viable business.

Today, Ai Build works with leading firms in high-value manufacturing like Boeing and many others across aerospace, automotive, motorsport and defence.

Hear from Ai Build

“Having SuperSeed as our lead investor was a game-changer for Ai Build. We consider SuperSeed an invaluable part of our team”

Daghan Cam

Why we love it

Mads Jensen
Managing Partner

“Ai Build is creating the technology that will transform manufacturing on both Earth and in space. It’s an inspiring vision, and we have been proud to support Daghan and Michail on their journey.”
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