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Eric Topham

George Hancock

Ivan Scattergood

Bringing AI to autonomous systems everywhere

Autonomous machines are devices that are able to carry out tasks without human direction. Think self-driving cars, drones and farming equipment. “Robots” in popular parlance. Today, this space is still in its infancy, but it is rapidly gaining pace. Amazon has already deployed robots to automate tasks in warehouses. And Tesla is making good progress on their self-driving cars. But this is only the beginning. In the future, we are going to have autonomous machines everywhere.

Eric Topham and Ivan Scattergood are pioneers in the federated learning space, and for years they have worked to perfect their platform.

The promise of autonomy is extraordinary efficiency. Robots can easily carry out dangerous, repetitive, or strenuous procedures in retail, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, mining etc. In retail, autonomous machines will run logistics operations, ranging from warehouse management to restocking empty shelves.

Having built an industry leading solution, Eric and Ivan turned to SuperSeed to form a partnership which can help Octaipipe accelerate revenue growth and the journey to Series A.

Why we love it

Mads Jensen
Managing Partner

“Autonomous system will transform the way we make, move and manage things everywhere. Eric, Ivan and their team at Octaipipe are leading the way to make the underlying AI models easy to develop, deploy and manage. This will enable the transition to true device autonomy across sectors and industries.”
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