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Accelerating B2B startups to their first million

Investment, expertise and network to help startups develop a repeatable, scalable and profitable sales model

p: 020 3405 3060

Backing ambitious founders, from Seed to Series A

  • Building a B2B software company is a rewarding but often also a challenging journey
  • Even with great technology, the trickiest part is often to develop customer traction
  • We back ambitious founders with capital and expertise to get them to their first million in revenue

We support founders with

  • Investment (typically £200k – £2m)
  • Market analysis
  • Sales playbook development
  • Hands-on sales resources
  • Coaching from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Corporate network to help accelerate sales
  • Strong VC network to help raise Series A

The SuperSeed Advantage

We get founders

We have built software, managed product teams and authored multiple patents. And know firsthand how to build B2B tech companies.

We get technology

We have authored multiple patents. If you are looking for a partner who understands deep tech, we can help.

We get your customers

We have worked >40 years across B2B software and enterprise tech, and we have an Extensive corporate network which helps accelerate sales process for startups

We get enterprise sales

We have delivered more than $100m in sales and revenue for B2B software / tech companies.

Are we a Good Match?

If you have…
  • A seed stage business
  • A working B2B SaaS / AI product
  • A base in the UK or a plan to enter the UK market
  • Ambition to get rapidly from Seed to Series A
Then we’d love to hear from you.


Supporting ambitious and talented
founders on their journey

From the first call I had with SuperSeed, I knew they were the VC I wanted to work with.

"Straightforward, down to earth honest advice and support. With SuperSeed there is no gender bias, they value you for who you are and what they believe you can deliver. I know they're always at the end of the phone if there's anything I need, and most importantly that they have my back."

Amy Read
CEO & Co-Founder, Techsembly

SuperSeed - Always helpful, and always value add

“SuperSeed is a different type of investor. Leveraging their operator background, they immediately 'got us' - both in terms of our business and the challenges we face. Always helpful, and always value add, I would have no hesitation recommending SuperSeed.""

Thibaud Weick
CEO, SeeQuestor

SuperSeed understands our vision and their team has deep knowledge of how to execute on this

“When we first met the team at SuperSeed, it was clear that they understood our vision. They have also been through the SaaS journey from founding to exit, so have deep knowledge of execution. Throughout they have added value to Kluster through introductions to prospects and acting as a sounding board for strategy. I look forward to continuing our work with them.”

Dan Thompson
Founder/CEO, Kluster

SuperSeed has been paramount in ThingTrax's success

“SuperSeed has helped us see around corners. Having a partner who is built for SaaS founders is huge. From leading our investment round to accelerating our sales, SuperSeed has been paramount in ThingTrax’s success.”

Aman Gupta
Founder/CEO, ThingTrax

SuperSeed has been was a game-changer for Ai Build

“Having SuperSeed as our lead investor was a game-changer for Ai Build. Their team truly understands the challenges faced by first-time technical founders, and they are always there to help us overcome setbacks and figure out how to progress faster. We consider them an invaluable part of our team.”

Daghan Cam
Co-Founder/CEO, Ai Build