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The SuperSaaS Deal

We have a standard deal for SuperSaaS investments. We invest up to £500,000 in selected companies through an Advance Subscription Agreement (“ASA”) structured as follows:

  • We invest £100k on a post-money ASA in return for 5% of the company
  • We invest £150k-£400k on an uncapped ASA with a 20% discount to the next round

Both investments happen at the same time; they are not contingent on any milestones. Each ASA will convert into preferred shares when your company raises money by selling preferred shares in a priced equity round (this will typically be your “Seed” or “Series A” financing, whichever happens first).

As part of our standard deal, we also enter into an agreement with the company and founders setting out some SuperSeed-specific guidelines and rights. You can download it here. We make every effort to steer clear of any difficult or tricky terms.

We invest in UK corporations: We have founders who apply to SuperSaaS from all around Europe and many have already incorporated in their home countries. We can introduce founders to lawyers who can work out the best process for creating a company (or parent company) in the UK.

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June 20, 2024