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Investing in the Future

The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed. — William Gibson

The opportunity

Business Automation

Computers have been transforming business for more than 50 years. But in many ways, we are still only getting started on the journey to take advantage of the way in which computers, software and AI can transform the world of business.

The next generation of artificial intelligence, blockchain and computer processing power (quantum) is ushering in new opportunities to augment human capabilities and automate business processes.

SuperSeed backs the founders that make this all possible. We invest in the companies that create the next generation of business technology and then help the companies commercialise their technology to bring the future one step closer.

We are entrepreneurs by trade. We have been in the startups trenches. We know how difficult it is to build a business and what it takes to succeed. And we use that experience every day to find and support the best founding teams in building the technology leaders of the future.

The investment strategy

We invest at the Seed stage where the need is greatest and where capital and support from investors can make the biggest difference to founding teams. This means we can buy into the technology champions of tomorrow before valuations skyrocket.
We invest broadly within business automation, including in :
  • Enterprise Software
  • Industry 4.0
  • Future of Work
  • Cyber Security

Value for Investors

Investing with SuperSeed provides investors with access to a diversified portfolio of technology startups with potential for high growth and outlier returns.Investing in technology startups can offer great rewards, but it can be difficult territory to navigate. Through SuperSeed, investors get:

to the most talented founders in Europe’s largest tech ecosystem


SuperSeed is run by life-long tech entrepreneurs and operators. We know what it takes to build successful tech companies


We Investing early – at seed where valuations are still attractive


Diversification is the only ‘free lunch’ in finance. Through an investment in SuperSeed Capital, you build a diversified portfolio with stakes in dozens of startups

The SuperSeed Model

  • Identify the best founding teams by evaluating thousands of businesses every year
  • Partner with the most ambitious and talented founders in areas with potential for explosive global growth
  • Support the startups to accelerate commercialisation potential for success
  • Facilitate access to the best investors and partners for follow-on investment, exits or IPOs.