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Having already built and exited 8 businesses, the SuperSeed team knows what to look for in promising tech startups.


Provide access to exceptional B2B companies

Finding and selecting the best startups can be difficult. Having spent the last +20 years building and investing in startups, we have developed an extensive network in the startup ecosystem. This means that we can provide you with access to exceptional B2B companies in software and AI.


Alongside experienced entrepreneurs

With SuperSeed, you will be investing alongside experienced entrepreneurs. SuperSeed's Partners have already started, built and exited 4 companies as founders, and achieved another 4 exits as investors. This first-hand experience means we know how to identify companies that have the potential to grow rapidly on a pathway to exit. In the UK, only 8% of VCs have experience as startup operators (compared to 60% in the US).


Assess product market fit before investment

The trick to building a good company is to make something people want. Yet the number 1 reason for start up failure is that companies make something customers don't want to buy. We use our knowledge of software and enterprise sales to assess product market fit before investment, often directly supporting founders in developing their sales model and product roadmap to reduce this risk of failure.


How does Covid affect investing?

According to research by the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA), investment funds started within the first four years of a crisis historically yield higher returns than those started during other periods. If the post-Covid period follows previous crises, the next several years offer great opportunities in venture capital investing.


Constructing a diversified portfolio

As Harry Markovitz wrote: “Diversification is the only free lunch in finance". When constructing a diversified portfolio, Venture Capital can provide an exciting and potentially profitable diversification to your investments. According to the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA), top quartile venture capital funds have delivered >13% annual return since 2002.

Tax benefits

Fund investors can benefit from the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), a Government backed benefit that rewards eligible investors in early-stage companies by reducing their risk of investment. The availability of the tax reliefs is based on your personal circumstances and the continued eligibility of both you and the investee companies.

Benefits include:
    • 30% Income Tax Relief on money invested into qualifying companies.
    • Carry Back Relief, meaning eligible investors could carry back relief to a previous tax year.
    • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free - no CGT payable on disposal of shares.
    • Capital Gains Tax deferral
    • 100% Inheritance Tax Relief on shares held for at least 2 years and at the time of death.
    • Up to 45% Loss Relief on remaining capital at risk (ie not including income tax relief claimed)