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The Perfect Pitch Deck

Is there one?

No of course not!

But there are some rules I believe must be followed, as well as some to break.

I’ve collected what I think are the major food groups for the best pitch deck recipe I can think of.

HOW these slides are interpreted and executed is everything and yes many of the slides can be blended. You don’t need a 10 slide deck just because there are 10 titles.

1. Position rather than just pitch so you can also share what you do vs what others don’t.

2. Telling stories is everything. Especially when sharing who you are and where you’re going.

3. Don’t over cook the team slide and avoid over-use of advisors. In the early stages it’s just the founding team’s cred that really cooks.

4. What is it, who do you serve, and why do you get out of bed.

5. It’s all about them, not you. Really. Why them, why now, why how.

6. Whatever you’re tracking, get it in here. Why people care, as data.

7. A stepped roadmap is always a winner. GTM broken down in realistic chunks vs revenue on a stepped plan.

8. Don’t ignore the gorillas in the room. But how are you different? Cheaper, better, different new?

9. Timing is everything in startup, what do you know that others don’t?

10. The ask, to achieve what, and consider – it’s always a two way street. What do you want from your investors?


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