About SuperSeed

We love supporting early stage businesses.


Our mission is to help ambitious software founders create great AI/software companies. We do that by providing hands-on support and capital that helps start-ups rapidly grow to the first £1m in revenue. SuperSeed is created by experienced software entrepreneurs Mads Jensen and Dan Bowyer. As investors, SuperSeed’s focus is on helping start-ups create and refine their go-to-market strategies, so they can boost revenue growth and get on the path to building successful businesses.


Our Focus: B2B, SaaS and AI

We focus exclusively on B2B, and like working with companies that use AI to tackle technically complex problems. We think we can provide the best support in domains we know well, and historically B2B, SaaS and AI have historically been our core areas. When we give you advice as investors, it’s not just founded on ideas of what might work. We have quite possibly been in your situation ourselves (and have scars to prove it), and if sharing that experience with you can help you avoid the worst pitfalls, save some time and get you more quickly to the next milestone, then we feel we have accomplished.


How we are different

We invest in your company and run a bespoke accelerator program for you and your start-up.

As experienced software entrepreneurs, we integrate with your team and work with them daily to refine your product, model and proposition while we open doors for sales & distribution.

Co-operating allows us to significantly increase the chance of success by quickly achieving key goals to accelerate towards your next valuation milestone. This helps de-risking your journey to scale-up.

There is no fixed program and to stay focused we only work with a small handful of businesses at any one time, rather than the more traditional cohort-based accelerator model.

What we do

What we do at SuperSeed

We help you

  1. refine your product strategy, roadmap and pricing;
  2. build your sales and marketing teams;
  3. identifying appropriate target market segments;
  4. prospect actual customers, and;
  5. sell and close business for portfolio companies.

The Team

Dan Bowyer and Mads Jensen have been building tech companies for 20 years. Between us we have built 8 software companies (7 as founders), of which 3 are B2B SaaS startups, and invested in / mentored many more. We know that the journey can be incredibly rewarding. We also know how challenging it can be. We are taking all our learnings from the past 20 years and using these to help ambitious entrepreneurs create the next world class software companies. And with this mission, we have created SuperSeed.

Mads Jensen

CEO & Founder

Experienced investor and entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record in building and growing technology businesses. He has a passion for creating winning business models from advanced technology, and a core focus is on machine learning and SaaS. In 2009 Mads founded Sefaira, which he built from inception to global market leader before taking it to exit in 2016. Prior to this, Mads was a business executive at IBM, responsible for key growth, turn-around and M&A initiatives. Mads’ expertise includes disruptive innovation, and he is the author of multiple US patents. Leveraging his expertise in technology innovation and business operations, Mads drives commercial excellence across portfolio companies to ensure high performance and strong investor returns.

Dan Bowyer

COO & Co-Founder

Dan is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and built 6 successful businesses, sold 2 and invested in 12 over the last 20 years. An engineer by trade, Dan’s career has naturally focused on tech, and he has been a successful operator across many sectors such as publishing, analytics, retail and FMCG, and created and sold software in areas such as analytics, HRTech and MarTech. Since 2010 he has been working on a wider portfolio of tech startups as an investor, mentor and consultant. Dan enjoys the hack and hustle in a startup and has made enough mistakes to know what creates success. His skillset and focus within SuperSeed is to work with entrepreneurs and their teams, helping them connect the dots between people, product and process to create the right energy and activity within their business. Ultimately encouraging the right people to do the right thing at the right time.