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We love supporting ambitious founders.


Our mission is to empower ambitious founders to create great software companies. We do this by providing capital and hands-on support that helps accelerate startups from Seed to Series A. We are super focused on sales and customers, because we see real customer traction as the best possible foundation for creating a long-term sustainable business. Through our model of capital plus support we can help increase the chance of success by accelerating your towards your next valuation milestone. This helps de-risking your journey to Series A and scale-up.

The Genesis of SuperSeed

Dan Bowyer and Mads Jensen are both life-long entrepreneurs and operators, and in 2018 they founded SuperSeed to help the next generation of ambitious founders build great companies.

Our Focus: Business Automation

We focus exclusively on B2B, and like working with companies that use software and machine learning to automate the way the world does business.

How we are different

As experienced software entrepreneurs, we look to support and work with your team to refine your product, model and proposition while we open doors for sales & distribution. When we give you advice as investors, it’s not just founded on ideas of what might work. We have been “in the trenches”, and we look to share our experience with you to help you avoid the worst pitfalls so you can get more quickly to the next company milestone.


What we do at SuperSeed

We provide venture capital investment to your company, and we then help you:

  1. Articulate the positioning of your company
  2. Sharpen your value proposition
  3. Define your ideal customer profile
  4. Identify real customer prospects to test your value proposition
  5. Build your sales playbook
  6. Make your first sales hire
  7. Design your sales organisation
  8. Develop your roadmap to Series A and beyond
  9. Raise your Series A

But more than anything, our role is just to help you as much or as little as needed. It’s your business. And our sole mission is to help you shine.